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The Chartered Institute of Marketing – CIM (UK)

CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing), is an Ofqual regulated qualifications provider and is accredited by the European Marketing Confederation. CIM (UK) is having a range of professional qualifications, along with many membership benefits, designed to support you throughout your career, develop your capabilities, expand your communities and stay informed. CIM (UK) qualifications are based on unique Professional Marketing Competencies, devised with industry partners to help you meet the ever-increasing demands expected of marketers at every stage of your career.

Professional Marketing Competencies

CIM’s Professional Marketing Competencies are a framework of marketing standards, which provide a guide to the skills and behaviors that are expected of professional marketers at varying levels of proficiency. Developed from extensive research with employers and employees in both marketing and broader business functions, the competencies are unique to CIM. Each qualification module has been designed based on the competencies. They offer the professional marketer the reassurance that the skills and knowledge they will develop when studying a CIM qualification are closely matched to those required in the market.

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