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Are you targeting consumers’ liking?

Marketing is very much easier as long as you can meet customers’ liking

Marketing is all about meeting the customers’ satisfaction profitably. But the challenging part is to visualize the behavioral science of the consumers that connected with their liking.

An extensive study needs to carry out for the purpose of unearthing these behavioral factors to design the product that suits their liking. This information is vitally important in product designing and carrying out other marketing activities.

Consumer survey and strategic approach in grouping the market or so-called segmentation are the keys for this study.

Segmenting the consumer market to visualize consumer liking

The consumer market can be segmented based on the following parameters

  • Benefits what the consumer expects by using the product.
    • As an example, automobile brands are to cater to different benefits that customers are expecting. The benefit¬†may be safety, fashion, lifestyle, sports, etc.
  • Demographic factors
    • Factors connected with personal characteristics such as age, gender, age, occupation, etc
  • Geographic variable
    • Variables such as height from sea level, climatic conditions, regions, continents, the density of the region, etc
  • Behavioral characteristics of human being
    • Behavior related to buying and consumption can be considered under the proper grouping
  • Psychographic considerations
    • Attitudes, personality, lifestyle, believes, values, social status can be used to group the community.

Marketer can do any of the grouping and visualise common factors related to consumer liking and design strategies to meet them with products and services.