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Marketing is a Joke

Marketing is a profession that can be practiced with the skills, capacities, and competencies required to perform better and better. everyone cannot be involved. Mere a qualification will not be sufficient for you to become an effective marketer.

Your analytical thinking, creative thinking, people handling capacity, resource management capacity, and ability to visualize the psychological perspectives of others are some of the qualities you must add for your college degree to become a practical marketer.

The marketer must update with the changing macros and micros. Adaptability and agility are some of the key factors in successful marketers. Continuous learning of the fraternity, as well as the general understanding of the world, will add value to the marketing efforts.

Marketer always sits in the strategic layer of the business. A decision on the strategic direction of the business is a decision of a professional marketer. This is one of the most important philosophies in business.

Marketing is NOT A JOKE