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Brand OR Product?

Question for many businesses has arrived on focusing either on Brand or Product. 

It is highly important to visualize the impact of a brand on a business. Do we focus on a brand or a product or is the combination in the journey matter.

What should come first? Brand Or Product? another question come to mind when you think of brand development. This is like the chicken and egg story!!! what comes first is immaterial as long as you maintain guidelines in business.

As per Professor L. De Chernatony we must focus on mechanical dimensions (physical or tangible values) and emotional so-called intangible or psychological perspectives to win the game. If so we need to focus on both to build better results.

We can bring the product without thinking about the branding and mostly we see commodities of this nature. But for a long journey in business with a brand focus on 2Ps.

  • Physical Values of a Brand
  • Psychological Values of a Brand
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Mahesh Weeratunge
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