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Digital Marketing! is it really Marketing?

Do you know many people who are handling digital components in business are not marketers? This is a bit awkward to see only one thing is considered when selecting an employee to handle your digital components. 

If you are selecting a digital marketer without a sound knowledge of marketing, he/she will be just a digital technician and not a digital marketer. What we need to understand is that digital is a platform where we do many things that we do in a conventional marketing framework, with many value additions to the business. The digital technician will have sound knowledge in managing tools and technology in the digital platforms, however, if he/she is to become a digital marketer, the knowledge of marketing and customer understanding is vitally important. Understanding consumer behavioral science is one of the major actors in the data-driven digital world. 

As such, the selection of a digital marketer must be based on how knowledgeable in the concept of marketing as well as how skilled in handling digital technology to gain a marketing advantage.